Features and Roadmap

26reads combines the library, book journal, and library into one platform.

We are under active development and adding new functionality all the time.

Existing Features

For any questions or feedback, please email [email protected]

Read from the Library

Anyone can read from the 26reads library.

There are robust filters available to allow you to search by category, length, and year published.

You can also search for a specific text directly by title or author name.

Or you can also use the randomizer to get random books from our library!

Explore User-Curated Lists

Anyone can explore user-curated reading lists.

You can also search for a specific list by title or you can use the lists randomizer to explore random lists!

Registered users can also check off items as they make their way through a list.

Add a Book or Text

Anyone can upload their own book to the 26reads library:

If you are on a desktop, you can use also use keyboard shortcuts to further format your text:

Shift + Enter
New line
Ctrl / ⌘ + B
Bold text
Ctrl / ⌘ + I
Italicize text
Ctrl / ⌘ + ]
Toggle indent

Registered users are also able to edit their uploaded books after-the-fact.

Start a Reading Journal

Registered users can keep track of books and lists by toggling between different statuses:

  • No status
  • Want to Read
  • Currently Reading
  • Finished Reading

This is done by cycling through the status button that you'll see underneath each book and list:

26reads will automatically mark anything that you're reading as "Currently Reading" and remember your last position. That way you can continue reading where you left off!

At the end of a book, you will also see a Checkbox to mark the book as "Finished Reading."

Create a List

Anyone can create a list. A list can consists of books (with or without text) and chapters.

Registered users can also:

  • Edit their curated lists after uploading
  • Directly add to new and existing lists.
    This can be done by clicking the
    More options
    icon of any book and then clicking "Add to list":

Add Comments and Reviews

Share your thoughts, browse other reviews, and discover your next favorite book!

A review on 26reads

Save an Excerpt

You can directly save your favorite quotes and excerpts while you read! Simply highlight the text and click the "Save excerpt" button.

Adding an excerpt on 26reads

Join the 2023 Reading Challenge

Registered users can set a 2023 target for number of books read and/or total reading time.

Set Your 2023 Reading Challenge

I want to read
in 2023
I want to read
every in 2023

26reads will automatically count books that you have marked as Finished Reading.

Total reading time is calculated based off the approximate read time of your Finished Reading books.

Future Roadmap

For any feature requests or feedback, please email [email protected]

Coming Soon

  • Book Clubs
  • Friends / Followers
  • Likes
  • Tags
  • Log timeline
  • Dark mode


  • Summaries and synopses
  • Wider text support E.g. plays, footnotes
  • Foreign language support
  • Dictionary support
  • View and access permissions
  • More robust user preferences