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February 2022
George Orwell's face replacing that of Big Brother's in a still from the 1984 movie

Orwell's True and Secret Ending for 1984

The dystopian classic introduced the world to doublethink, thoughtcrime, and Newspeak. And while its ending may seem final, Orwell lays the clues for a much more subtle ending open for discussion. What is the ultimate fate of Big Brother, the Party, and totalitarianism after 1984?

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January 2022
Portrait of Fyodor Dostoevsky by Vasily Perov

Dostoevsky: The Gambler

Having lost everything at roulette, Dostoevsky made one final wager: he bet a predatory publisher that he could deliver a novel within a strict deadline or he would forfeit the publishing rights and income to all past and future works. This is the story of how Dostoevsky wrote The Gambler in just 26 days.

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